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Fighting to level the playing field for the people of Southwest Virginia!

Anthony Flaccavento for Virginia's 9th district

Some people think that the economy is about finance and wall street. it's not. the economy is for people, plain and simple. 

The rich and powerful already have plenty of friends in Congress. It's time for everyday people in Southwest Virginia to have real representation in Washington!


The Flacc4Congress Campaign Map

Anthony Flaccavento has been living and working in the 9th for the past 30+ years, and is committed to each and every county in our district. This map shows Anthony's visits around 9th so far, with past events in blue and upcoming events in pink. Be sure to hover over the pins for more information on the event and the organization/ group that was good enough to host us. For more details on upcoming events, please visit us on Facebook.

**Because of the density of our visits, it may appear as though some locations are outside of the district lines. Please zoom in to see the exact locations on the map.**

Town Hall Countdown!