Volunteer Core Group 

The Flaccavento for Congress campaign is a campaign for everyone in the 9th district. From Allegheny to Lee County, we plan to mobilize 1000 volunteers. At the helm of each county's volunteer base, we'll have a smaller group of volunteers to organize, guide, and mobilize that county. These are the Core Groups, and they are a critical element to reaching and hearing all the people in the 9th.

Volunteer Core Groups will be supported by the larger Flacc4Congress campaign every step of the way, while also being encouraged to be creative and semi-autonomous. Campaign staff will work closely with the Core Groups to generate new ideas, organize strong actions, and mobilize the wider group of volunteers effectively.  Some of these strategies may include the following:

  • setting up service projects for the community and distributing invitations;

  • identifying clubs, associations, and groups that might host events, and/or organizing fundraisers, house parties, etc.; 

  • visits to friends and neighbors to talk about local issues, increase awareness of the Flacc4Congress campaign standpoints, and gather more volunteer/financial support; 

  • coordinating with the main campaign to organize mass canvassing/phone banking events, plus other activities intended for community outreach;

  • reaching out to Independents and moderate Republicans; 

  • letters to the editor, data collection and coordination, social media engagement, and more.


The Flacc4Congress campaign knows that the people of the 9th district are some of the most hard-working, resourceful, and resilient folks around. This is the grit that we are fighting for, that we rely on, that we believe in, and that we want to show the world. 

If you are interested in becoming part of a Volunteer Core Group and would like to learn more or share your ideas, please let us know. 

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