Reducing gun violence


I am a gun owner. I fully respect the Second Amendment and will protect the rights of law-abiding citizen to own firearms.  That will not change.

I will also work tirelessly to reduce gun violence by:

  • Closing loopholes and synchronizing systems so that background checks are truly universal and stop the sale of guns to people involved with terrorism, domestic violence or with significant mental health problems, something that 90% of all Americans, including the majority of NRA members, support.

  • Increasing mental health treatment and support, especially in rural and under-served areas

  • Adopting sensible limits to the firepower of guns, including, for instance the outlawing of bumpstocks and other types of massively destructive weaponry.

  • Ending the absurd ban on using public funds to undertake research on the causes of gun violence.

  • Strengthening protections for victims of domestic violence, including insuring that abusers cannot buy guns.


Five years after watching 20 innocent children be massacred in their Sandy Hook school, and one month after 17 people were killed in Parkland, Florida, Congress has done nothing to reduce gun violence. Nothing. A moment of silence is not enough.  We can and should take sensible steps.