I’m the grandson of Italian immigrants who came here seeking a better life.  Most of us are only a few generations removed from immigrants, and we know that this mix of people and cultures is at the heart of our nation, a big part of what make us tick.  Immigrants bring new ideas, and an entrepreneurial spirit.  They also put more into our tax system than they take out in the form of benefits and commit fewer crimes than the population overall.

I agree with the majority of the American public.  People who were brought here illegally as children, went to school here, and have been working here should not have to live in fear of being deported. What I’ve seen with the immigrant families I know is not that they take our jobs or drain public resources.  Quite the opposite:  The folks I know are remarkably hard working, resourceful, and neighborly.  That’s a lot like many folks I know who were born and raised in the 9th. 

We need broad immigration reform that both protects our borders and offers a clear and reasonable path to legal citizenship. 

I will work to

  • Create a clear path to citizenship for Dreamers. We need their contributions to our economy;

  • End deportations that break up families, or target hardworking immigrants who’ve committed no serious crimes;

  • Increase, rather than decrease legal migration into the US, including both skilled immigrants and refugees fleeing war or violence;

  • Reform our foreign aid and foreign policy in order to help other countries build their own strong economies and stable political institutions, as this is the clearest path to reducing illegal immigration into our country.