Meet the Fam

It's no surprise to folks who know them that Anthony and Laurel met through music. The couple married in 1997 and have a blended family with three (fully grown!) children. Together they built a home on the outskirts of Abingdon, on old tobacco land that they rehabilitated to an organic vegetable farm. These days, it's hard to get everybody together in the same place, but when the kids do manage to make it home, you can find the family cooking up a storm, hosting get togethers, and enjoying all the natural gifts that our region has to offer us.



A music lover and a born teacher, Laurie moved to SWVA from Michigan in 1976. After 30 years of teaching public school in Washington County, she retired--but most days she's busier than ever! You can find Laurie teaching piano lessons, hiking the AT and the Creeper Trail, practicing yoga, playing her violin in the community orchestra, and singing in an all women's group in Kingsport. Oh, and putting out campaign fires before they have a chance to erupt!

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Josh teaches writing and is studying for his PhD at the University at Buffalo. He's researching Appalachian literature - specifically, novels, films, and music from coal country. He daydreams about coming home and learning to farm his father's land some day.

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Alex graduated from James Madison University in 2010 and now lives in Washington DC, working as a federal contractor for the IT sector with the DOD. In his free time he likes hiking, CrossFit, biking, going to live music events, and exploring the DC area with his friends. Alex is currently working on numerous certifications to become a network security engineer. 

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Maria studied anthropology in college and holds an MFA in Writing. She currently lives in Philadelphia, where she works as a freelance writer, editor, and social media consultant. She also teaches yoga, and is going for an MS in Counseling in 2019. 



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The Flaccavento household has been home to many dogs and cats over the years, but Brodie is the last dog standing! He enjoys chasing cars up the driveway, barking at the neighboring cows, and following Anthony around in the garden with inexplicable devotion. Laurie is currently teaching him how to jump through a hoop--stay tuned!