Getting Big Money Out of Politics


The flow of money into our political system, especially “Big money” from wealthy individuals, large corporations and special interests, has utterly corrupted our politics.  It is a system that works not for everybody, but for a select few.  The 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision made it painfully clear:  with economic power comes political power; those at the top have the most power over who gets elected—and who writes the laws.  It shouldn’t be like that.

My campaign is taking no money from corporate PACs (Political Action Committees) of any kind, instead utilizing a community-centered, grassroots approach.  Why? Because it’s clear that too many of our elected officials are beholden to lobbyists and special interests, including our current congressman who gets nearly 70% of his funds from corporate PACs.  I intend to be beholden to the people of the 9th, to send a message to Washington that you matter, and that together we will make a difference.

I'll fight for:

  • Publicly funded elections, including legislation like the proposed Fair Elections Now Act;

  • The reversal of Citizens United, either through legislation or a constitutional amendment.  We must declare that only human beings have ‘personhood’ and that money is not equivalent to free speech;

  • An end to Super PACs, created by Citizens United, which allow unlimited, secret giving (AKA ‘Dark Money’); or at minimum, increased and rigorous transparency in terms of donors and limits to giving;

  • Legislation that reduces the influence of lobbyists, who at present write most of our laws.  I support legislation establishing a minimum five-year period in which members of congress and their senior staff are prohibited from taking a job with any industry, or their lobbying arms, which they’d been overseeing while in office. This will help bring an end to the so-called revolving door, and might actually begin to “drain the swamp”.