MVP: An Open Letter to Governor Northam

In the past couple weeks, we've been concentrating a lot of our time and efforts on the dreadful Mountain Valley Pipeline, including visits to Bent Mountain and standing in solidarity with Red Terry. This morning the Roanoke Times published Anthony's "Open Letter to Governor Northam," which calls on our Governor to take any and all necessary actions to halt the tree felling that's begun on Bent Mountain as the first stage of construction on the MVP. 

Here's an excerpt:

"These actions, occurring on both private and public lands in Giles, Craig, Montgomery and Roanoke counties, are already taking a major toll on the land, water and lives of people along the pipeline corridor. I’ve seen for myself some of the damage being done to the landscape. I’ve spoken with local residents who, incredibly, are now prohibited from even walking on large portions of their own land. This is not right.

Read the full letter here