With much gratitude, we're delighted to announce our win in Virginia's 9th Congressional District Primary on Tuesday, June 12.  I'm especially grateful to my wife, Laurel, who's put much of her life on hold for the campaign, and to my terrific staff, interns and volunteers!  And to the more than 800 people who have already contributed to our campaign.

When I entered the race last October, I pledged to hold 100 Town Hall meetings before the November election; we've completed 60 so far.  We set out to organize and build Volunteer Core Groups in every part of the district, to help us reach people where they live, and engage folks far beyond 'the choir'.  To date, we have 18 such core groups, spanning most of the district, which have mobilized hundreds of volunteers on a regular basis.  These volunteers have already knocked on countless doors, made thousands of phone calls, written scores of letters to the editor, and helped break down barriers within our communities.

We've completed step one with a resounding victory of nearly 80% of the vote.  Now we begin the process of winning back the fighting 9th.  We know we can do this, but only with your support and involvement.  

Watch the acceptance speech here: